Three Ways to ensure your temp staff feel like part of the team

Three Ways to ensure your temp staff feel like part of the team

It is imperative for businesses to establish an inclusive company culture and great work environment to keep the morale of employees high. Keeping your permanent staff motivated is not easy, however keeping your temporary staff motivated is even more challenging.  John Smith, the manager, explains how most of the time, employers neglect the fact that temporary staff are still part of their team.

In this article, we share with you three ways to make your temp staff feel welcomed in your organization and part of your team.


Many companies have formal mentoring or peer-to-peer programs, where a new employee is matched to another employee for mentoring and support. Consider extending this program to include your temporary staff, especially those who are working on relatively longer assignments.  Matching your temp staff to other employees will help to create a more inclusive culture and speeding up the learning process of your temp staff.


Companies organize social events such as birthday parties, internal tournaments, social gatherings throughout the work days to lift up employee morales. By inviting your temp staff to attend such events and meetings, you stress how they are part of your team, and you allow your employees to get to know each other and establish some social bond that motivates them and make them loyal to your company.


Training is vital to enhance workers’ skills and motivation, and temp workers are no exception. Allowing your temporary staff to attend internal training programs and workshop, will not only provide them with the necessary import and learning they need to perform and excel at work but will also give them the opportunity to feel part of your team and understand the team dynamics in your company.

Proper feedback is also important. When positive feedback is provided at the right time to your temp worker, the worker will perform at his/her highest consistently. Constructive criticism is also crucial to give an extra push to your temp workers to stay focused and on task.  The right feedback that does not offend the employee encourage them to respond positively and stay motivated.

The cost of keeping your temporary staff motivated and feeling part of your team is less than the cost of lost productivity of the unmotivated workforce. You do not need to develop or establish specific new programs, just allowing your temp staff to participate in existing activities, training and workshops and social interaction is a cost-effective way to make them feel part of your team and welcomed in your company, and it has a direct impact on your business bottom line.

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