Three Strategic Advantages of Temporary-To-Hire Placements

Three Strategic Advantages of Temporary-To-Hire Placements

It is summer time, most of your staff are on vacation, and you have orders to fulfil, what to do? Temp staffing is the first go-to solution HR managers think of, and they are right. In addition, to respond to a fluctuating workload or cover for a staff member absence, temporary-to-hire placements have other strategic advantages to your organization. Navjot Singh, the Recruitment Manager with SES, shared with us three strategic advantages:

1) Safe “trial” period 

The temp assignment gives you the opportunities to assess how the temp worker fits into your corporate culture, their skills and the value they bring to your organization. After that temp assignment ends, it is up to the line manager and the HR manager to consider the temp worker for permanent or semi-permanent opportunities within the company. The same advantage goes to the employee. This temporary assignment can give the employee a glimpse of how working for a particular company looks like.

2) Cost Optimization 

Usually, the benefits consume up to 25% of your payroll expenses, by eliminating this burden off your business you will reduce costs. Also, the costs associated with training and new employee orientation and boarding are also reduced as the staffing agency will resource highly qualified and ready-to-work personnel. Once you are satisfied with the quality of hires, such costs will generate the desired outcome.

3) Easing the burden of HR and Administration 

Direct hiring for permanent positions requires engaging your HR and Administrative team in a complicated and tiresome process to guarantee the quality of hires and avoid hiring mistakes. By utilizing Temporary-To-Hire placements, the staffing agency will handle all those tasks, not only cut the associated costs but also use the capabilities of the staffing agencies as an outside support to your team.

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