How to Communicate with Your Staffing Agency to Ensure Effective Hiring

How to Communicate with Your Staffing Agency to Ensure Effective Hiring

While using a temp staffing agency can help solve your recruitment and staffing challenges, effective staffing also depends on the communication between the company and  service provider. It is important to remember that although the staffing agency will be responsible for most of the work, being involved and staying engaged through effective communication will help you obtain the best recruits possible.

John Smith, Recruitment Manager in Spartan Employment Services, explains that maintaining effective communication with the agency will lead to better coordination and a speedy and smooth recruitment process. John shares his top three tips to communicate with your staffing agency to ensure an effective hiring process.

1) Lay down the process from start to finish

The recruitment process includes several phases, including sourcing, selecting, and finally to on boarding employees to the team. It is important to discuss the entire process from start to finish with your agency. Make sure to clearly discuss a timeline and to schedule frequent update and review meetings or phone calls. Also be sure to discuss the time required for each phase and all related logistics.

2) Set clear expectations

Discuss all job requirements with the agency in great detail and include any specific technical skills as well as how the candidate will be assessed. Be sure to include all needed certifications and qualifications in clear language. Also set clear expectations regarding terms of service, major milestones and other delicate matters. When communicating via email, make sure to list requirements in their entirety and explain the needs of the open positions clearly.

3) Be Involved

Keep the agency informed with any changes in workload or work schedule, and ask them to keep you informed with the recruitment progress throughout the cycle. Using different methods of communication such as meetings, phone calls and emails will make the communication flexible and accommodating to both your and the agency’s time constraints.

Effective communication will help the agency understand the job requirements and will ensure they find the best candidates with the required skills.

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